What is Umbraco Workflow?

Umbraco Workflow allows the creation of multi-stage approval workflows when writing and publishing content. Umbraco Workflow extends Umbraco's out-of-the-box publishing model with multi-stage and configurable approval workflows. A workflow process comprises of multiple steps and multiple users assigned to the group responsible for providing approval at each step.
Umbraco Workflow adds a Content App to all content nodes in the Content section where a workflow is enabled. For more information, see the Workflow Content App section.
A user can be a member of multiple groups in the same workflow. To initiate an approval workflow, a user updates the content, saves their changes, then selects Request publish.
The workflow Dashboard updates to reflect the state of each task, providing an overview of a user's submissions and tasks. Tasks can be approved, cancelled, or rejected from the Dashboard or from the content node Workflow tab. For more information, see the Workflow Dashboards and Buttons section.

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Umbraco Workflow Overview