Umbraco Configuration

Configuring Umbraco for Umbraco Commerce.

Before you can start to use Umbraco Commerce, you need to configure Umbraco to allow access to the relevant sections. The Umbraco Commerce UI is split over three sections within the Umbraco backoffice:

  • Settings for managing the different store settings.

  • Commerce for managing store-related content (orders, discounts, etc).

  • Content for managing the Umbraco Commerce products.

In order to access these sections, you will need to ensure a User account with the relevant permissions to do so. When logged in as Administrator, access to the Settings and Content sections is already granted.

To gain access to the Commerce section additional configuration is needed.

Creating a Commerce User Group

To gain access to the Commerce section, it is advised to create a new User Group called Commerce.

  1. Navigate to the User section of the Umbraco backoffice.

  2. Open the User Groups page.

  3. Create a new User Group called Commerce.

  4. Assign the relevant User accounts to that User Group.

  5. Allow that User Group access to the Commerce section as a whole.

Creating a custom User Group provides a way of managing Users who have access to the Commerce section, rather than allowing individual Users access.

Learn more about Users and User Groups in the Umbraco CMS Documentation.

Accessing the Commerce Section

Once created and assigned, you should be able to refresh the backoffice and see that we now have access to the new Commerce section.

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