Umbraco DXP

Extending the Umbraco platform through the composition of packages and integrations.
Within this Umbraco DXP (Digital Experience Platform) area of the Umbraco documentation, you'll find topics related to extending Umbraco CMS via packages and integrations.

Umbraco Commercial Products

Umbraco makes available three licensed add-ons that are available for purchase. They each have their dedicated documentation area:

Umbraco Marketplace

The Umbraco Marketplace is a public website used to showcase Umbraco packages. These are commercial and open-source extensions available for use in Umbraco solutions. On the marketplace, you can browse and search for packages, understand their usage, and review their suitability for your project.
The marketplace is available at
Within the Marketplace section of the documentation, you'll find details aimed at package developers looking to list their Umbraco CMS extensions and integrations.

Umbraco Integrations

As well as the commercial products, Umbraco HQ develops and makes available open-source integrations. These add functionality to the Umbraco CMS to support working with third-party services.
These integrations are helpful starting points for anyone looking to integrate such services into their Umbraco solution.
When we have released an integration for a particular provider and use case that matches your needs, they are available for use directly. If we don't meet your particular requirement, we welcome feedback at the Issue Trackers. As all are open-source, they can be used as references for building similar integrations with related services.
Source code and issue trackers are found in the following GitHub repositories:
Within the Integrations section of the documentation, you'll find details on installing and working with the integration packages developed by Umbraco HQ.
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