Details an integration available for CommerceTools, built and maintained by Umbraco HQ.

This integration provides a product and category picker, with data sourced from a CommerceTools installation.

Minimum version requirements

Umbraco CMS


Version 8.0.0


This integration is currently only available for Umbraco 8.

How To Use

From your CommerceTools account, retrieve the following details and add them as application settings to your websites web.config file.

<add key="Umbraco.Cms.Integrations.Commerce.CommerceTools.OAuthUrl" value="" />
<add key="Umbraco.Cms.Integrations.Commerce.CommerceTools.ApiUrl" value="" />
<add key="Umbraco.Cms.Integrations.Commerce.CommerceTools.ProjectKey" value="" />
<add key="Umbraco.Cms.Integrations.Commerce.CommerceTools.ClientId" value="" />
<add key="Umbraco.Cms.Integrations.Commerce.CommerceTools.ClientSecret" value="" />
<add key="Umbraco.Cms.Integrations.Commerce.CommerceTools.DefaultLanguage" value="en-US" />

In the Umbraco backoffice, navigate to Settings > Data Types and create a new Data Type based on the available CommerceTools Picker.

The picker can be configured for selection of categories or products, defined as single or multiple picker, as well as other options:

When rendering product or category information, a property value converter will provide a strongly typed collection or object with the following fields available:

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