Hosting settings

Information on the hosting settings section

Hosting settings contains settings regarding the hosting of the site, such as application virtual path, local temporary storage location and debug.

A full configuration with default values can be seen here:

"Umbraco": {
  "CMS": {
    "Hosting": {
      "ApplicationVirtualPath": "/",
      "LocalTempStorageLocation": "Default",
      "Debug": false,

Setting overview

Application virtual path

This setting specified the virtual path of the application, this path must start with a slash.

Local temp storage location

This setting specifies the location of the local temp storage.


  • Default

  • EnvironmentTemp


This setting allows you to run Umbraco in debug mode, by setting the value to true.

Site name

Gets or sets a value specifying the name of the site. The IWebHostEnvironment.ApplicationName is used if not specified

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