Release notes

Get an overview of the things changed and fixed in each version of Umbraco Deploy.

In this section we have summarised the changes to Umbraco Deploy and Deploy Contrib released in each version. Each version is presented with a link to the Deploy issue tracker showing a list of issues resolved in the release. We also link to the individual issues themselves from the detail.

If there are any breaking changes or other issues to be aware of when upgrading they are also noted here.

If you are upgrading to a new major version you can find the details about the breaking changes in the version specific updates article.

Release History

This section contains the release notes for Umbraco Deploy 13 including all changes for this version.

13.1.0 (March 19th 2024)

  • All items from 13.1.0-rc1

  • Fixed issue with transfer of date values within Nested Content, Block List, or Block Grid properties #209

  • Fixed issue where templates could incorrectly cause schema mismatch errors when running in production mode #187

  • Fixed issue where importing invalid variant property data would cause a not supported variation exception #8

  • Fixed deserialization issue causing problems with the compare content feature #212

  • Add configuration to allow control over suspension and resumption of Examine and document cache events during Deploy operation #211

13.1.0-rc1 (March 5th 2024)

  • Add IArtifactTypeResolver to allow custom type resolving when deserializing to IArtifact (used by Deploy Contrib, see PR #60)

  • Add base migrators for importing legacy artifacts (used by Deploy Contrib)

  • Restored ability to overwrite content properties with empty values

  • Improved error UX and messaging to only show technical detail option if available

  • Require a valid license when importing

  • Only validate ApiKey and ApiSecret when workspaces are configured

  • Explicitly register API controller endpoints

13.0.4 (February 20th 2024)

  • Removed the no-longer supported "live edit" feature (Deploy on Cloud only).

  • Fixed issue where the removal of a master template couldn't be deployed #201

  • Ensured configuration for behavior following a "path too long" exception is respected for handling image cropper values #200

  • Added configuration setting to allow hiding of version details on the settings dashboard.

  • User experience and message improvements on content flow exception #202

  • Fixed issue with transfer of empty values to overwrite non-empty ones.

13.0.3 (January 16th 2024)

  • Added configurable option to avoid overwriting of dictionary items with empty values #191

  • Fixed regression issue with transfer of date values.

13.0.2 (January 9th 2024)

  • Fixed issue with transfer of content using language variants #193

13.0.1 (December 21th 2023)

  • Fixes the display of the selected schedule date on queue for transfer.

  • Fixes parsing property values within Nested Content and Block List that were previously saved by the Contrib value connectors.

  • Fixed incorrectly including media files in export when 'Content files' wasn't selected.

  • Add maximum file size validation to import file upload.

13.0.0 (December 14th 2023)

  • All items from the 13.0.0 RCs and latest 12.2 features.

13.0.0-rc5 (December 12th 2023)

  • Align with latest CMS RC.

13.0.0-rc4 (December 11th 2023)

  • Add weight -100 to Deploy package migration (ensuring Deploy database tables are available before other package migrations are executed).

  • Add fluent API for Deploy webhooks.

13.0.0-rc3 (November 29th 2023)

  • Added optional deployment of webhooks as part of schema updates.

  • Added Deploy specific webhook events.

13.0.0-rc2 (November 15th 2023)

  • Exclude automatic relation type aliases (used for reference tracking) from deployment.

  • Fix cyclic dependency between configuring DeploySettings and ConnectionStrings.

13.0.0-rc1 (November 6th 2023)

  • Compatibility with Umbraco 13:

Deploy Contrib

[13.1.0]( (March 19th 2024)

  • All items from 10.2.0-rc1

13.1.0-rc1 (March 5th 2024)

  • Add legacy migrators and type resolver to allow importing from Umbraco 7 in #61

13.0.0 (December 14th 2023)

  • Compatibility with Umbraco 13

Legacy release notes

You can find the release notes for versions out of support in the Legacy documentation on Github and Umbraco Deploy Package page

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