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Version Specific Upgrade Details

Version specific documentation for upgrading to new major versions of Umbraco Deploy.
This page covers specific upgrade documentation for when migrating to major 13 of Umbraco Deploy.
If you are upgrading to a minor or patch of Deploy you can find the details about the changes in the release notes article.

Version Specific Upgrade Notes History

Version 13 of Umbraco Deploy has a minimum dependency on Umbraco CMS core of 13.0.0. It runs on .NET 8.

Breaking changes

Version 13 contains a number of breaking changes. We don't expect many projects to be affected by them as they are in areas that are not typical extension points. For reference though, the full details are listed here:


  • The default value for the configuration option ResolveUserInTargetEnvironment was changed to true.


// Before
"RelationTypes": [
"Alias": "relateParentDocumentOnDelete",
"Mode": "Weak",
"Alias": "relateShopItemOnCreate",
"Mode": "Exclude",
// After
"RelationTypes": {
"relateParentDocumentOnDelete": "Weak",
"relateShopItemOnCreate": "Exclude"
// Before
"ValueConnectors": [
"Alias": "nuPickers.DotNetCheckBoxPicker",
"TypeName": "Umbraco.Deploy.Contrib.Connectors.ValueConnectors.NuPickersValueConnector,Umbraco.Deploy.Contrib.Connectors",
// After
"ValueConnectors": {
"nuPickers.DotNetCheckBoxPicker": "Umbraco.Deploy.Contrib.Connectors.ValueConnectors.NuPickersValueConnector, Umbraco.Deploy.Contrib.Connectors"


The following updates describe the more significant changes to the codebase and public API:
  • Moved value connectors for core property editors from Umbraco.Deploy.Contrib into Umbraco.Deploy.Infrastructure.
  • Renamed the Deploy add-on for Umbraco Forms from Umbraco.Deploy.Forms to Umbraco.Forms.Deploy.
These updates are more minor. We don't expect many projects to be affected by them as they are in areas that are not typical extension points:
  • Removed the obsolete IsHeadless property from `UmbracoCloudClientConfigurationInfo``.
  • Made the ProcessX methods for each step of content connectors private.
  • Removed the obsolete overload of SaveContentType on ContentTypeConnectorBase.
  • An obsolete constructor was removed from DictionaryItemConnector.
  • QueueItemDto was moved into the Umbraco.Deploy.Infrastructure.Persistence namespace.
  • DocumentConnector has a changed constructor such that we can use redirect tracking logic now exposed from CMS.
  • Remove now unnecessary interfaces and extension methods for rich text parsing. These were introduced to ensure backward compatibility in older versions: IMacroParser2, IImageSourceParser2 and ILocaLinkParser2.

Legacy version specific upgrade notes

You can find the version specific upgrade notes for versions out of support in the Legacy documentation on Github.