Umbraco Deploy is a commercial product. You will need a valid license to use the product.

How does it work?

Licenses are sold per domain and will also work on all subdomains. With every license, you will also be able to configure two development/testing domains.
The licenses are not bound to a specific product version. They will work for all versions of the related product.


Let's say that you have a license configured for your domain,, and you've configured two development domains, and
The license will cover the following domains:
  • localhost
  • *
You can have only 1 license per Umbraco installation.

What does a license cover?

There are a few differences as to what the licenses cover:
A single license covers one Umbraco solution. It includes all domains hosted by the solution, all production environments (if load-balancing), and all non-production environments.
To clarify the above:
  • You only need one license when you have a solution covering multiple domains- for example, and - load balanced in production over multiple servers running from the same database, managed from the same backoffice instance, and with any number of non-production environments (staging, QA, etc.)
  • You need two licenses if you have a web presence that consists of two separate websites hosted on different domains or sub-domains - for example, and - with each of these managed as a separate Umbraco installation using their own database and backoffice in production.
The license for Umbraco Deploy comes with a recurring yearly fee. Learn more about this and pricing on

Configuring your license

You can purchase the license at Umbraco Deploy Licenses
When you've bought a license you need to configure it with your domains. You can either configure your license right away, or you can do it later by visiting your account on

Installing your license

Once you've configured your license with the correct domains, you are ready to install the license on your Umbraco installation.
  1. 1.
    Download your license from your account - this will give you a .lic file
  2. 2.
    Place the file in the /umbraco/Licenses directory in your Umbraco installation
The .lic file must be placed in the /umbraco/Licenses directory in order to be registered by Umbraco Deploy.

Alternative license location

If you can't include the license file in the /umbraco/Licenses directory for any reason it is possible to configure an alternative location for the file.
It can be configured in the Umbraco installation's appSettings.json file by adding the following appSetting. The value contains the path of your custom license directory relative to the root of your Umbraco installation.
This will also change the location for other Umbraco-related licenses in this project.
"Umbraco": {
"Licensing": {
"Directory": "~/custom-licenses-folder/"