Approval thresholds

Use thresholds to configure how many approvals a workflow in Umbraco Workflow requires to be considered complete.

This feature requires a license - learn more about Workflow's licensing model

Umbraco Workflow's default behavior requires one member of an approval group to approve a pending task to advance it through the workflow.

The approval thresholds feature introduces configuration options to set the required number of approvals for a given workflow stage.

The threshold options are:


One (default)

Pending tasks require approval from any member of the assigned approval group.


Pending tasks require approval from an absolute majority of group members. Example: A group with 3 members requires 2 approvals and a group with 4 members requires 3 approvals.


Pending tasks require approval from all group members.

The workflow detail UI displays the following:

  • The status of the current task.

  • Approval status for members of the current group.

  • Progress towards meeting the threshold for the current approval stage.

  • Future tasks and the assigned group and its users.

Tasklist with approval thresholds

Approving a task as an administrator immediately satisfies the approval threshold for the task, and will advance to the next workflow stage.

When a task is rejected in a workflow stage where the approval threshold is Most or All, existing approvals can be managed via configuration:

  • Existing approvals can be reset, resetting progress toward the approval threshold. In this case, all users in the approval group will be able to approve the resubmitted content.

  • Existing approvals can be kept. In this case, users in the approval group who have already approved the task will not be able to approve the resubmitted content.

Approval thresholds are managed via settings in the Workflow section or in the appsettings.json file. Node-specific thresholds are set directly on the workflow configuration in the Workflow content app.


The settings below can be set from the Backoffice or via settings customization in the appsettings.json file (refer to Settings customization for implementation instructions).


Approval threshold

0 (One)

Sets the global approval threshold.

Rejection resets approvals


When true, and the approval threshold is Most or All, rejecting a task resets the previous approvals for the workflow stage.

Configure approval threshold


When true, enables setting the approval threshold for any stage of a workflow (on a content node or Document Type).


The approval threshold for an individual workflow stage can be set using the control below the stage name. Setting the stage threshold requires the Configuring approval threshold setting to be true.

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