The new Umbraco Backoffice

Find all the resources you need to get started using the new Umbraco CMS Backoffice.
The new Backoffice is currently targeting Umbraco version 14 for release. It will look more or less the same but be built on modern technology using a UI Library built for the purpose.
On this site, we have collected all resources related to the ongoing development of the new backoffice. You can also find material to help you get into contributing if you want to put your own touch on the project.

Storybook Libraries

We are using Storybook to work with and showcase the progress of the new backoffice components. This tool is perfect for working with individual components without needing the complexity of an entire setup.
Watch the community come together via Discord, exploring and problem-solving in the new backoffice.
If you would like to know more and see for yourselves we have a mock site up and running for you to view and play with!
Last modified 26d ago