Variant Context

The Variant Context is a context that holds the data for a set of properties.
Property Editors UIs require the Variant Context to be present to work. This enables Property Editor UIs to have a generic relation with its ownership.
The Variant context holds a name and a set of properties. What makes a property can vary but an alias and a value are required.

Variant Context concerning Property Editors and Workspaces

A Variant Context is the connection point between a Property Editor and a Workspace.
The hierarchy is as follows:
  • Workspace Context
    • Variant Context
      • Property Editor UIs
A variant context covers a set of properties, in some cases a workspace then needs to have multiple variants. An example of such is Document Workspace. Each variant has its own set of properties and a name.

Setup a Variant Context

It would be good to have examples for developers to see how to set up a Variant Context, in code. (This might need to be a tutorial demonstrating implementing a workspace with a variant with Property Editor UIs)