Getting Started With Backoffice

This is how you get started with the new Backoffice and Umbraco 14.


The new Backoffice of Umbraco is currently targeting version 14 of Umbraco, which is expected to be released in May 2024.
There are a few ways to check out the new Backoffice, while it is being developed. This may interest you if you are a package or extension developer looking to get an early headstart to upgrade your extensions.
Read on to get an overview of the different ways in which you can check up on the development of the Backoffice.

Download the prerelease of Umbraco 14

We release prebuilt versions of Umbraco during the development phase of the new Backoffice. This happens as we see fit and will be introduced on our blog.
Learn how to get the latest Preview Version in the article Installing Preview Builds

Building from source

If you want to explore the source code of the new Backoffice and follow the latest development, you should check out our public GitHub repository. There you can also find more detailed explanations on how to build and run the new Backoffice on its own or target an Umbraco instance.