Frontend Overview

Here you can learn about how to optimize assets, implement a mobile-first strategy and other suggestions.
In this section, you can find some tips to optimize your website's performance and reduce its carbon footprint:

Page Weight Budget

Minimize the data transfer to access your web page as it has a big impact on carbon emissions.

Image Optimization

Optimize images before uploading to a web page and make use of different file formats.

Asset Optimization

Improve website performance by optimizing fonts, minifying assets and cache static assets.

Limit use of 3rd parties

To avoid excessive HTTP requests and potential data sharing, limit the use of third-party resources on websites.

Lazyload Resources

Optimize the loading of web pages by using Lazyload resources.

Mobile First

Prioritize mobile-first design experiences focusing on a clean and efficient design. It can help reduce website energy consumption and promote sustainability.