Configure Umbraco

Learn how to configure the Umbraco backoffice for enabling the use of QuickPay as a payment method.

Step 1: Create Payment Method

The following steps are all handled through the Umbraco backoffice.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Commerce > Stores > {Store Name} > Payment Methods section.

  2. Select the Create Payment Method button to create a new payment method.

  3. Choose QuickPay V10 from the list of available payment providers.

Step 2: Configure Payment Provider Settings

The following steps are handled within the payment method editor in the Umbraco backoffice.

  1. Configure the standard payment method settings as required.

  2. Configure the QuickPay payment provider settings as follows:


Continue URL

The URL of the page to navigate to after payment is successful - e.g. /confirmation/

Cancel URL

The URL of the page to navigate to if the customer cancels the payment - e.g. /cart/

Error URL

The URL of the page to navigate to if there is an error with the payment - e.g. /error/


The QuickPay API key

Private Key

The QuickPay private key

Merchant ID

The Merchant ID for the QuickPay account

Agreement ID

The Agreement ID for the QuickPay account


The language shown in the payment window

Accepted Payment Methods

Specify payment methods available in the payment window

Auto Fee

Toggle indicating whether to automatically calculate and apply the fee from the acquirer

Auto Capture

Toggle indicating whether to immediately capture the payment, or whether to authorize the payment for later (manual) capturing

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