List Views

Configuring the list view of a collection in Umbraco UI Builder, the backoffice UI builder for Umbraco.

A list view is a list-based view of a collection entity providing features: pagination for large collections, custom data views, searching, and bulk actions.

A collection list view

Configuring a list view

The list view configuration is a sub-configuration of a Collection config builder instance and is accessed via its ListView method.

ListView(Lambda listViewConfig = null) : ListViewConfigBuilder<TEntityType>

Accesses the list view config of the given collection.

// Example
collectionConfig.ListView(listViewConfig => {

Adding a field to the list view

AddField(Lambda propertyExpression, Lambda fieldConfig = null) : ListViewFieldConfigBuilder<TEntityType, TValueType>

Adds the given property to the list view.

// Example
listViewConfig.AddField(p => p.FirstName, fieldConfig => {

Changing the heading of a field

SetHeading(string heading) : ListViewFieldConfigBuilder<TEntityType, TValueType>

Sets the heading for the list view field.

// Example
fieldConfig.SetHeading("First Name");

Formatting the value of a field

SetFormat(Lambda formatExpression) : ListViewFieldConfigBuilder<TEntityType, TValueType>

Sets the format expression for the list view field.

// Example
fieldConfig.SetFormat((v, p) => $"{v} years old");

Setting the view of a field

With field views, you can customize the markup the list view's field so you can show richer visualizations of the field's content. For more information you can check the Field Views Documentation.

SetView(string viewComponentName) : ListViewFieldConfigBuilder<TEntityType, TValueType>

Sets the view component for the list view field.

// Example

SetView<TView>() : ListViewFieldConfigBuilder<TEntityType, TValueType>

Sets the view component for the list view field.

// Example

Setting the visibility of a field

SetVisibility(Predicate<ListViewFieldVisibilityContext> visibilityExpression) : ListViewFieldConfigBuilder<TEntityType, TValueType>

Sets the runtime visibility of the list view field.

// Example
fieldConfig.SetVisibility(ctx => ctx.UserGroups.Any(x => x.Alias == "editor"));

Changing the page size

SetPageSize(int pageSize) : ListViewConfigBuilder<TEntityType>

Sets the number of items to display per page for the given list view.

// Example

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