Release Notes

Get an overview of the things changed and fixed in each version of Umbraco UI Builder.

In this section, we have summarized the changes to Umbraco UI Builder released in each version. Each version is presented with a link to the UI Builder issue tracker showing a list of issues resolved in the release. We also link to the individual issues themselves from the detail.

If there are any breaking changes or other issues to be aware of when upgrading they are also noted here.

If you are upgrading to a new major version, check the breaking changes in the Version Specific Upgrade Notes article.

Release History

This section contains the release notes for Umbraco UI Builder 13 including all changes for this version.

13.1.4 (May 13th 2024)

  • Added support for using properties of nested objects as searchable #97

You can read more about this in the searchable properties article.

13.1.3 (May 8th 2024)

  • Fixed an issue with the UdiConverter affecting child collections #99

13.1.2 (April 23rd 2024)

  • Fixed an issue with nested objects in collection entities #97

  • Fixed an issue with the UdiConverter causing website configuration binding to return incorrect values #96

13.1.1 (March 18th 2024)

  • Fixed an issue where the database is getting disposed in a UIBuilder repository, causing an error when Forms tries to save the form submission after the workflow is complete Umbraco.Forms.Issues#1179.

  • Allow renaming the heading of the implicit Name column by calling the SetNameProperty method overload.

You can read more about this in the basics article.

  • Use CsvHelper library with the built in ExportEntityAction.

  • Update CsvHelper version dependency.

13.1.0 (March 6th 2024)

  • All updates listed under 13.1.0-rc1 and 13.1.0-rc2.

13.1.0-rc2 (February 26th 2024)

  • Upgrade from 13.0.3 to 13.1.0-rc1 breaks existing custom repository. #91

While working with a custom repository, the entity ID type converter defaulted to the newly registered UdiConverter instead of Int32Converter. With the current update, the required converter will be picked in a different order.

13.1.0-rc1 (February 20th 2024)

Umbraco UI Builder 13.1 is the first release since launch adding new features. We've focussed on improving the experience when working with related collections, addressing some additional use cases that widen the scope of the product. This includes the possibility to retrieve child collections entities or use an Umbraco entity as foreign key.

  • Related Collections

This feature provides support for managing many-to-many relationships by configuring main, related and junction entities.

You can read more about this in the related collections article.

  • Retrieve Child Collections

This feature addresses a one-to-many relationship context. Having a parent collection with child sub-collections, one might need to retrieve the child collections only, without fetching the details of the parent.

You can read more about this in the retrieve child collections article.

  • Implementation of a UdiConverter

This update addresses the configuration of collections that use as foreign key a reference to an Umbraco entity. If the FK type is Integer, the persisted value defaults to 0. This is because the UDI value of the entity cannot be converted from String to Int. Based on the UDI value, we are retrieving and persisting the Id of the Umbraco entity.

A use case can be found in the Github issue #86.

13.0.3 (February 20th 2024)

  • Dependency version update for Umbraco.Licenses

13.0.2 (January 26th 2024)

  • Doesn't work after upgrading to 13.0.3 #88

  • Dependency issue when installing UIBuilder alongside Umbraco Commerce in a v13 Umbraco website #82

  • Dependency issue when installing UIBuilder alongside uSync in a v13 Umbraco website #85

  • Fields in Sidebar are not included when creating item #82

13.0.1 (January 11th 2024)

  • Fix built-in export/import actions errors #84

  • Update list view editorState to support integration with Contentment Data Types #83

13.0.0 (December 13th 2023)

  • Upgraded to run again Umbraco v13 and .NET 8

  • Upgraded all 3rd party dependencies

  • Nullable references

Legacy release notes

You can find the release notes for Konstrukt in the Change log file on Github.

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