User Interface

Key User Interface Concepts used by Umbraco UI Builder, the backoffice UI builder for Umbraco.
Before you get to know Umbraco UI Builder, you need to become familiar with the Umbraco UI and a few of its concepts. This is because Umbraco UI Builder reuses these same concepts for constructing its UI.
Sections, Trees, and Dashboards
1. Section A distinct area of the Umbraco backoffice. 2. Tree A hierarchical structure to help organize a section. 3. Dashboard An intro screen for a section, usually with useful links for that section.
List View
4. List View A list-based view of items in a tree node.
5. Editor The main content editing area is made up of tabs, fieldsets, and fields.
Context Apps and Tabs
6. Context Apps A contextual section of a given editor UI. 7. Tabs A tabbed container of content.
Menu Item
8. Menu Item A context menu item + action.
Bulk Action
9. Bulk Action An action to perform on multiple list view items at once.