Filterable Properties

Configuring filterable properties in Umbraco UI Builder, the backoffice UI builder for Umbraco.

Umbraco UI Builder can dynamically build a filter dialog choosing appropriate editor views for you based on a basic property configuration. Properties of a number or date types will become range pickers and enums. Properties with options defined will become select/checkbox lists and all other properties will become text input filters.

Filterable Properties

Defining filterable properties

Defining filterable properties is controlled via the collections configuration.

AddFilterableProperty(Lambda filterablePropertyExpression, Lambda filterConfig = null) : CollectionConfigBuilder<TEntityType>

Adds the given property to the filterable properties collection.

// Example
collectionConfig.AddFilterableProperty(p => p.FirstName, filterConfig => filterConfig 
    // ...

Changing the label of a filterable property

SetLabel(string label) : FilterablePropertyConfigBuilder<TEntityType, TValueType>

// Example
filterConfig.SetLabel("First Name");

Adding a description to a filterable property

SetDescription(string description) : FilterablePropertyConfigBuilder<TEntityType, TValueType>

// Example
filterConfig.SetDescription("The first name of the person");

Defining basic options for a filterable property

SetOptions(IDictionary<TValueType, string> options) : FilterablePropertyConfigBuilder<TEntityType, TValueType>

// Example
filterConfig.SetOptions(new Dictionary<string, string> {
    { "Option1", "Option One" },
    { "Option2", "Option Two" }

Defining options with custom compare clauses for a filterable property

AddOption(object key, string label, Lambda compareExpression) : FilterablePropertyConfigBuilder<TEntityType, TValueType>

// Example
filterConfig.AddOption("Option1", "Option One", (val) => val != "Option Two");

Configuring the mode of a filterable property

For filterable properties with options you can configure whether the options should be multiple or single choice.

SetMode(FilterMode mode) : FilterablePropertyConfigBuilder<TEntityType, TValueType>

// Example

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