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Conventions used by Umbraco UI Builder, the backoffice UI builder for Umbraco.

Fluent Conventions

Most configuration methods in Umbraco UI Builder aim to be fluent. This means that they return a relevant config instance allowing to chain multiple methods calls together in one. For those who prefer to be a bit more verbose, many methods also accept an optional lambda expression. This allows you to pass in a delegate to perform the inner configuration of the element being defined.
// Chaining example
config.AddSection("Repositories").Tree().AddCollection<People>(p => p.Id, "Person", "People");
// Delegate example
config.AddSection("Repositories", sectionConfig => {
sectionConfig.Tree(treeConfig => {
treeConfig.AddCollection<People>(p => p.Id, "Person", "People");

Naming Conventions

Throughout the API, where a method name starts with Add then multiple configurations can be declared. Whereas if a method name starts with Set then only one instance of the configuration can be declared within the current configuration context.