April 2024

Key Takeaways

  • New Project Page - In the latest update to Umbraco Cloud, we've made significant enhancements to the UI of the project page in the Portal to streamline your experience and boost your productivity.

  • Long Running Activities - As a developer it is key to understand the operations that your site undergoes when changing the underlying infrastructure. With the new long-running activities dialog, you can follow along with which changes are applied to your website.

New Project page

We've upgraded the Umbraco Cloud project page with a more intuitive navigation and a visually refreshed dashboard that offers critical insights at a glance.

Real-time updates and a dynamic content loading feature ensure you're always informed with the latest project changes. The UI's consistent design across devices enhances your workflow on any platform.

Dive into a smoother, more productive experience with our latest enhancements and share your thoughts on these changes through our feedback portal. For a deeper look at these updates, explore our detailed release notes.

Long running activities

The improved long-running activities UI in Umbraco Cloud now provides real-time progress tracking, giving users clear visibility into task completion. Enhanced notifications keep you informed without needing to manually check progress, saving time and reducing frustration.

With detailed status updates and estimated completion times, you can better plan your workflow.The updated interface is more intuitive, helping users manage and monitor long-running tasks effortlessly. Enjoy a more efficient and user-friendly experience with these enhancements.

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