Use an Alternative Database for Umbraco Commerce Tables

How-To Guide to configure using an alternative database for the tables of Umbraco Commerce.
By default, Umbraco Commerce will use the same database as Umbraco to store its data in. As e-commerce and content management have different database needs, it may be beneficial to house the Umbraco Commerce database tables in an alternative database.
To do this, you can configure a Umbraco Commerce-specific connection string in your app settings ConnectionStrings section using the umbracoCommerceDbDSN prefix.
"ConnectionStrings": {
"umbracoDbDSN": "Server=umbracoServerAddress;Database=myUmbracoDb;User Id=myUsername;Password=myPassword;",
"umbracoDbDSN_ProviderName": "Microsoft.Data.SqlClient",
"umbracoCommerceDbDSN": "Server=umbracoCommerceServerAddress;Database=myUmbracoCommerceDb;User Id=myUsername;Password=myPassword;",
"umbracoCommerceDbDSN_ProviderName": "Microsoft.Data.SqlClient"
When Umbraco Commerce runs, it will perform all of its migrations and operations against this database instead of the default Umbraco database.