Dynamic Rate Shipping

Dynamic Rate Shipping in Umbraco Commerce.

Dynamic rate shipping in Umbraco Commerce allows you to define a series of ranges from which an order will be checked against. These checks find which range a given order falls within which in turn identifies the rates that apply. For each range, a series of rate options can be configured. Examples include a fixed rate per order, a fixed rate per order item, or percentage-based rates. By combining these configurable ranges, and different rating options it allows you to create a more dynamic algorithm than the basic fixed-rate shipping option.


  • Go to Settings > Commerce > Stores > {Your Store} > Shipping Methods

Shipping Methods
  • Click Create Shipping Method

  • Choose the Basic shipping provider

Choose Shipping Provider
  • Chose the Dynamic calculation mode option

Choose Shipping Calculation Mode
  • Populate the shipping method name, alias, sku and optional image and tax rate

Shipping Method Details
  • Choose the range unit to base the rates upon

  • Click Add Range to define each range

Shipping Method Rates
  • Populate the from and to value of the range

  • Populate the rate details from the available rate options, leaving blank any option you don't wish to apply

Shipping Method Rate
  • Configure the countries in this shipping method should be allowed in

Shipping Method Allowed Countries

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