Setting-up Conditional Logic on Fields

Sometimes you might have a field in your Form, that you want to show only if the user has entered a specific value in another field.

You can achieve this setting by using conditional logic on Fields.


Take a look at the following:

In this case, it makes sense to only show the email or phone field when the corresponding option is selected in the How should we contact you? field.

To enable conditions for the Email and Phone fields, do the following:

  1. Click the cog wheel next to the Email and Phone field. The Edit question dialog opens.

  2. Select Enable Conditions in the Conditions section.

  3. Enabling the condition field displays more options:

  4. Set the appropriate conditions and click Submit.

Action and Logic Types

There are two Action Types:

  • Show: the field will be displayed if the rules match

  • Hide: the field will be hidden if the rules match

Next up, you'll need to specify the Logic Type. This setting is only important if you have multiple rules.

  • All: All of the rules must match

  • Any: Any of the rules may match

Adding a new condition

When adding a new condition, you'll need to select the field where you want to evaluate the value and can select an operator.

In this example, we only want to show the Phone field if the value of the How should we contact you field is Phone.

Similarly, you can display the Email field, if the value of the How should we contact you field is Email. You can see the conditions added to each field in the Forms designer:


When both the conditions have been set as shown above, this is how it will look on the frontend:

In this example, we have only selected Phone but it is possible to choose both Phone* and Email and display both the fields.

Conditions for Pages and Fieldsets

As well as showing or hiding a field based on conditions, you can also apply conditions to groups of fields (known as fieldsets) or to pages. The process is the same as described above.

When applying a condition to a page, effectively you are controlling the display of the submit button (for a single-page form) or the next/previous buttons (available on multi-page forms). In this way you can ensure that the entry so far is complete before accepting it or allowing the user to move onto the next page.

Conditions for Dates

You can apply conditions to dates as well as strings. When you use the date picker field, you can set a condition if a submitted date is greater/less than a specific date.

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