Upgrading Umbraco Forms

This article shows how to manually upgrade Umbraco Forms to run the latest version.

When upgrading Umbraco Forms, be sure to also consult the version specific upgrade notes to learn about potential breaking changes and common pitfalls.

Get the latest version of Umbraco Forms

To get the latest version of Umbraco Forms, you can upgrade using:


  • NuGet installs the latest version of the package when you use the dotnet add package Umbraco.Forms command unless you specify a package version: dotnet add package Umbraco.Forms --version <VERSION>

  • After you have added a package reference to your project by executing the dotnet add package Umbraco.Forms command in the directory that contains your project file, run dotnet restore to install the package.

Visual Studio

  1. Go to Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Manage NuGet Packages for Solution... in Visual Studio, to upgrade your Forms:

  2. Select Umbraco.Forms.

  3. Select the latest version from the Version drop-down and click Install.

  <PackageReference Include="Umbraco.Forms" Version="xx.x.x" />

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