In Umbraco Forms, reCAPTCHA V3 comes out of the box.

reCAPTCHA v3 allows you to verify if an interaction is legitimate without any user interaction.

Enabling reCAPTCHA V3

Follow these steps to enable reCAPTCHA V3 in Umbraco Forms:

  1. Go to the Forms section in the backoffice.

  2. Find the form that should have ReCAPTCHA v3 enabled.

  3. Add a new question and select ReCAPTCHA v3 with Score as its answer type.

  4. Make sure the field is set as Mandatory.

  5. Configure ReCAPTCHA settings in the appSettings.json file to include public and private keys:

    "Forms": {
      "FieldTypes": {
        "Recaptcha3": {
            "SiteKey": "",
            "PrivateKey": ""

You can create your keys by logging into your reCAPTCHA account.

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