Umbraco Forms will register events for workflow operations that you can use with Umbraco webhooks.

Workflows are operations that you can associate with form submission, approval, or rejection actions. You can use these where you need to notify external systems of the success or failure of a workflow.

On the Umbraco Settings > Webhooks dashboard, you can configure webhooks to respond to workflows.

You can amend the registration of workflow events in code.

To remove the webhooks that are added by default you can use a composer as follows:

using Umbraco.Cms.Core.Composing;
using Umbraco.Forms.Core.Extensions;

internal sealed class TestComposer : IComposer
    public void Compose(IUmbracoBuilder builder)
        => builder.WebhookEvents().AddForms(formsBuilder => formsBuilder.RemoveDefault());

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