The date picker uses a front-end library called Pikaday to display a UI to pick dates.

Pikaday date picker can be localised based on the page the Form is rendered on.

The date picker displays the picked date in the required locale. Using JavaScript, a hidden field is updated with a standard date format to send to the server for storing record submissions. This avoids the locale mixing up the dates.

To achieve localized date, a Razor partial view is included at /Views/Partials/Forms/Themes/default/DatePicker.cshtml.

The DatePicker.cshtml includes the moment-with-locales.min.js library to help with the date locale formatting and the appropriate changes to Pikaday to support the locales. If you wish to use a different DatePicker component, edit the DatePicker.cshtml file as per your needs.

Configure the Year range

The Date picker has a configuration setting to control the number of years shown in the picker. The default value is 10 years.

You can configure the settings in the appSettings.json file:

 "Forms": {
     "FieldTypes": {
         "DatePicker": {
             "DatePickerYearRange": 10

Update DatePickerYearRange to a higher number (for example: 100) to increase the numbers of years available in the Date picker.

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