File Upload

The File Upload field allows the users to upload a file along with the Form on your website.

In this article, you will find details about the configuration options you have for the File Upload field.


Predefined allowed File Types

You can choose to specify which files you want to allow the user to upload, when accessing the Form.

To allow only specific files:

  1. Select the File Type checkbox the user should be able to upload.

  2. Click Submit.

We recommend selecting Allow only specified files, to limit malicious code to be uploaded, whenever the user is submitting the Form.

User Defined Allowed File Types

If the list of predefined file types do not include a specific file type, you can add additional ones.

To add new file type:

  1. Type a file extension name in the User defined allowed file types field and click add.

  2. Click Submit.

Server-side file validation

The file upload field type will verify the file contents using the registered set of IFileStreamSecurityValidator instances.

To read more about this feature, see Server-side file validation in the CMS documentation.

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