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Version Specific Upgrade Notes

Version specific documentation for upgrading to new major versions of Umbraco Forms.
This page covers specific upgrade documentation for when migrating to major 13 of Umbraco Forms.
If you are upgrading to a new minor or patch version, you can find information about the breaking changes in the Release Notes article.

Version Specific Upgrade Notes History

Version 13 of Umbraco Forms has a minimum dependency on Umbraco CMS core of 13.0.0. It runs on .NET 8.
Deploy add-on for Umbraco Forms has been renamed from Umbraco.Deploy.Forms to Umbraco.Forms.Deploy.

Breaking changes

Version 13 contains a number of breaking changes. If you do run into any, they should be straightforward to adjust and recompile.
For reference, the full details are listed here:


  • The configuration option UseSemanticFieldsetRendering was removed and considered as true. This means the improved, semantic fieldset rendering is now used in the default theme for all installations.
  • The ExecuteWorkflowAsync configuration option was removed.


  • Umbraco CMS dependency was updated to 13.0.0.


The following updates describe the more significant changes to the codebase and public API:
  • Amended IWorkflowExecutionService, IRecordService, IRecordSetActionType and IWorkflowType methods related to workflow execution to be asynchronous. These methods now have an Async suffix and will return a awaitable Task.
  • An overload for the HTML helper RenderUmbracoFormDependencies that internally required service location was removed. It should now be called providing the parameter for an IUrlHelper, with @Html.RenderUmbracoFormDependencies(Url).
These updates are more minor. We don't expect many projects to be affected by them as they are in areas that are not typical extension points:
  • DataSourceCacheRefresher was made internal.
  • HideField was removed from FieldType and IFieldType. RenderInputType with a value of RenderInputType.Hidden can be used here instead.
  • The default implementation for the Exists method previously added to IBaseService was removed.
  • The obsolete overload for method AddDataConsentField on FieldsetContainerExtensions was removed.
  • The method CanUserViewEntries was added to the IFormsSecurity interface.
  • The static methods TryCreateAttachment, TrackAttachmentFileStream and DisposeAttachmentFileStreams on BaseEmailWorkflowType were removed (instance methods are available to use instead).
  • The obsolete constructor on the SaveAsFile workflow type was removed.
  • The obsolete overload for method TransformXML on XsltHelper was removed.
  • The obsolete overloads for method ValidateField on FieldType were removed.
  • The obsolete overload for method GetFormSecurityByUserId on FormSecurityControllerBase was removed.
  • The PopulatePageElements method was added to the IFormRenderingService interface.
  • The Setting class was renamed to SettingAttribute.
  • PreValueFileController has a changed constructor.
  • FileUpload has a changed constructor.
  • ExecuteWorkflowsWithResult on IWorkflowExecutionService was renamed to ExecuteWorkflows and the void method with that name was removed.
  • The string constants used to define GUIDs for each provider type were made consistently upper-case.
  • FileUpload and PreValueFileController have changed constructors to add support for server-side file validation.
  • HTML helpers such as RenderFormsScripts now return IHtmlContent.
  • The constructor for workflow notifications was amended to add a parameter for the current Record.
  • The IType interface now defines a Created property.

Legacy version specific upgrade notes

You can find the version specific upgrade notes for versions out of support in the Legacy documentation on Github.