Version Specific Upgrade Notes

Version specific documentation for upgrading to new major versions of Umbraco Forms.

This article provides specific upgrade documentation for migrating to Umbraco Forms version 14.

If you are upgrading to a minor or patch version, you can find the details about the changes in the Release Notes article.

Version Specific Upgrade Notes History

Version 14 of Umbraco Forms has a minimum dependency on Umbraco CMS core of 14.0.0. It runs on .NET 8.

Breaking changes

Version 14 contains a number of breaking changes, primarily due to the new backoffice introduced in Umbraco 14. The details are listed here:


  • A new management API has been introduced at umbraco/forms/management/api.

  • The root of the existing delivery API used for headless/AJAX solutions has moved to umbraco/forms/delivery/api.

  • The HTML helper RenderUmbracoFormDependencies no longer renders the promises polyfill, which is not needed in modern browsers.

  • Server-side registration of content apps has been removed as this is now a client-side concern.

  • Creation of custom fields, workflow, and other provider types remains primarily a server-side task. However, they no longer require the provision of AngularJS views and controllers. Instead, these reference registered client-side manifests. For more information, see the extending Umbraco Forms article.

  • With the removal of node selection by XPath support in Umbraco 14, the "Save as Umbraco node" workflow now uses dynamic root.


  • The setting FieldSettings:TitleAndDescription:AllowUnsafeHtmlRendering has a new default of false.

  • The setting PageOptions:TrackRenderedFormsStorageMethod has a new default of HttpContextItems.


  • Umbraco CMS dependency was updated to 14.0.0.


The following updates describe the more significant changes to the codebase and public API:

  • All controllers relating to backoffice trees and editors have been removed and their functionality replaced by the management API.

  • The serialization library has been changed from Newtonsoft.Json to System.Text.Json. Among other updates this involved removing the public class FormsJsonSerializerSettings and replacing it with FormsJsonSerializerOptions.

  • The obsolete methods GetFieldsNotDisplayed and Build on FormViewModel have been removed.

  • The unused RetryWorkflow class has been removed.

Legacy version specific upgrade notes

You can find the version specific upgrade notes for versions out of support in the Legacy documentation on Github.

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