Documentation for Umbraco Heartcore GraphQL API

The GraphQL API can be accessed on, it accepts POST requests with the content type application/json. The body must be JSON and contain a query field with the query as a string and an optional variables field containing the variables.

  "query": "query($url: String) { content(url: $url) { name } }",
  "variables": {
    "url": "/"

API Access

In order to access the data for your Umbraco Heartcore project you need to provide a project identifier (Project Alias) via an HTTP Header or a Querystring parameter.

The Project Alias is an HTTP friendly version of the Project Name under your Umbraco Cloud account.

Access via Umb-Project-Alias header

Umb-Project-Alias: {project-alias}


By default the GraphQL API is not protected. This can be enabled through the Backoffice, where API keys for each user in the Backoffice is also managed.

To access the GraphQL API the user must have access to the Content section and have the Browse Node permission.

Access via an Api-Key header

Api-Key: {api-key}


The GraphQL API supports fetching draft content, this can be done by passing a preview argument to the root query fields.

Fetching draft content requires an API Key to be passed with the request.

query {
  content(preview: true) {

Information on how the GraphQL schema is generated, reserved names and built-in custom types.

A list of all the built-in Umbraco Property Editors and their GraphQL types.

Documentation on how to filter and order collections with the GraphQL API.

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