April 2024

The following changes have been released to Heartcore sites created on or after February 12th. They will be rolled out to previously existing sites in the second quarter of 2024.

Grid Disabled By Default

With the grid property editor becoming deprecated, it has been decided to hide related functionality in the backoffice for sites that are not using it yet. The modern alternative to Grid Editor is the Block Grid Editor. The migration between Grid and Block Grid won't be fully automated, so this decision was made to encourage use of the most future-proof Data Type.

Sites that already have Grid Data Types in use will continue to offer the full range of grid support. Grid content can also be imported from a zip package, which will also fully enable support for it across the environment.

Management API Property Type Configuration

The Content Management API now exposes additional configuration data about properties via the content type endpoints. This will allow you to do things like retrieve information about possible prevalues for a dropdown field or radio button list, for example.

Notable Bugfixes

Fixes for commonly-reported issues this month include:

  • The root endpoint of the management API now correctly returns links to other endpoints.

  • The API explorer in the backoffice is no longer prevented from returning responses from the management API due to a Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) error.

  • The alias for dev & staging environments should no longer point at the live content APIs.

  • The webhook log viewer will now correctly load information about attempted runs.

  • When previewing content in a multilingual setup, the preview window will no longer indefinitely hang until you save the selected variant.

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