Redirect API

This is the read-only API for delivering redirects, caused by moving or renaming content in the Umbraco backoffice, to any app, website, device, or platform.

The redirect API is only available if your project is using the Content Delivery Platform. You can verify this in the Umbraco backoffice, settings section in the headless overview panel.


To request redirects in a specific language, a culture parameter can be specified. When no culture is specified it's treated as invariant and the default language will be returned.

Access via an Accept-Language header

Accept-Language: en-US

Access via a Query String parameter


Common Headers

Accept-Language: {culture}
Api-Version: 2.3
Umb-Project-Alias: {project-alias}


If an error occurs, you will receive a HTTP status code along with an API error code and an error message in the response body.

Status CodeError CodeMessage



The following cultures were requested: {cultures}. At most, only a single culture may be specified. Please update the intended culture and retry the request.



Could not find a language for culture {culture}.



Authorization has been denied for this request.



Internal server error.

JSON example:

  "error": {
    "code": "LanguageForCultureNotFound",
    "message": "Could not find a language for culture en-GB."

Get all redirects

Gets all redirect URLs.

The key is the URL of the content and the values are the URLs redirecting to the content.

URL: /redirect

Method: GET

Query Strings


The maximum page size is 1000.

Success Response

Code: 200

Content Example:

    "redirects": {
        "/root5/": [
        "/root5/child/": [
    "_totalItems": 2,
    "_totalPages": 1,
    "_page": 1,
    "_pageSize": 10,
    "_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": ""

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