August 2022

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With Dedicated Resources for Umbraco Cloud, you can now choose when to scale up and down on the resources available for a project. On top of that, the project is moved from shared to dedicated hosting.

You can access Dedicated Resources from the Settings menu on your Cloud project. Here you’ll find 3 different dedicated options (CPU and memory configurations) to choose from bringing flexibility in how requirements are met, and how much extra compute power is added. As soon as you select and confirm an option the process of migrating to dedicated resources begins. If the extra resources are no longer needed, the project can be moved back to shared resources in the same way.

Dedicated Resources is currntly available for projects on Professional and Enterprise plans. More options will be added later in the year to make the feature available for Starter and Standard plans as well.

Projects Dashboard (Beta)

We are currently working on multiple initiatives to give Umbraco Cloud users a fantastic developer-friendly experience. One of these is the Projects Dashboard. Together with partners and Cloud users, we have worked to identify what would be the most useful features and tools to provide an overview of all your projects.

Together with the project information, a project representation, and a filtering system, you will see an improved overview for managing your Umbraco Cloud projects. Flexibility and usability are the focus of enabling Umbraco Cloud to empower users to organize and group their projects.

We will add new features and functionality to the dashboard in future releases, starting with a search functionality as you know from the current project overview. We are also working on improving the performance so especially the environment and product versions are retrieved more fluently.

You can try out the Projects Dashboard on and start grouping the Cloud projects of your preference.

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