The Umbraco Cloud Portal

An error in the Cloud Portal often looks like this:

Error on cloud
Error on cloud

Errors in the Cloud Portal are shown as a colored indicator of an environment. An environment can have three colors:

  • Green - this is the "healthy" state where everything is fine

  • Yellow - this is the "busy" state that normally occurs when a deployment is in process or an environment is being added

  • Red - this is the "error" state which normally has information about what went wrong

When your environment has an error and you try to deploy again it will not be able to. The error will always need to be resolved before another deployment can be started.

My environment is red. What do I do?

The first thing to check is what type of error it is, you can do so by clicking the More info button on the state:

We have some guides on how to fix the most common errors below:

If your issue is not covered above here are some general guidelines on what you should do when you have error states on Cloud environments:

An environment is in an error state because the Umbraco Deploy engine sets markers on the environment. The green one sets a deploy marker, the yellow one a deploy-progress marker, and the red one a deploy-failed marker.

Sometimes a deployment will fail due to another deployment in progress. You'll need to wait a bit before you can kick in another deployment. By doing this, the deployment will go from failure to complete without needing to do anything extra - read more about manual data extractions.

Often the deployment fails because of an error that won't be fixed by re-deploying. In these cases, you will need to have a look at the log files.

You can check both the regular umbracoTraceLogs and the deploy logs.

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