Project History

On the Project History page, you can view a list of high-level activities for your cloud project.

The Project History page shows details about the following changes to your project:

  • Project plan.

  • Transitions between shared and dedicated resources.

  • Adding or removing environments.

  • Deployments.

  • Product upgrades.

This is to provide you with better oversight and control over your project.

Project History page

For each activity you can see the following information:

  • The type of activity

  • Information about the activity

  • Who the activity was started by

  • When the activity was started

  • When the activity ended

  • The status of the activity

To get a detailed view of each history type on your project, click the info icon on the far right of the history activity.

If you click on the info icon for an automatic update, you will be redirected to an Upgrade Details page. On this page, you can see details about how the upgrade went.

Upgrade Details

For activities like adding and removing environments, clicking on the info icon will show details of how the process went when adding/ removing the environment.

Adding environment details

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