February 2022

Improved pending invites view

On the project invites page users will now see more details about their project. As a user, you will see the expiration date of the invite and its status, and you can remove the ones that have expired.


We recently launched the same details for the pending invites shown on the team edit page of a project. Now a similarly detailed view is available for pending project invites.

View backoffice user groups for team members

Project team members will now see the actual user group memberships of the project’s backoffice users. This is an improvement to the previous listing where only the default backoffice user group for each backoffice user was shown.


Shortly we will enable portal users to specify the backoffice user groups that the invitee should have as default.

Doing so will ease the onboarding process of new backoffice users.

Usage limit warnings

Each project in Umbraco Cloud Portal has a set of usage limits depending on which plan the project is on. The usage limits for Cloud and Heartcore projects can be seen here and here, respectively. The current usage of a project can be seen on the project usage page, available from the Project Settings menu.

You will now be notified in the portal when either the media storage or bandwidth usage of a project has exceeded the 90%. Initially, you will see a tag on the project page if either the bandwidth or the media storage has exceeded 90% of the plan limits. The example below shows a project with both usage limits crossed.


More features for plan limits and bandwidth usage in particular will be launched on the portal shortly. So stay tuned!

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