November 2022

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Cloud highlights November 2022

When "Dedicated resources" was launched in Umbraco Cloud, it was initially only for Professional plans. Since October, it has also been possible to add a dedicated option for Starter and Standard plans with the benefits included therein.

When hovering an environment in the Projects Dashboard you will see a link to the backoffice and front page of that Umbraco Cloud Project. By pressing one of these links you are navigated to the specific page.

Accessibility is a central consideration in realizing the Projects Dashboard, whereby it is possible to navigate between projects and links using only the keyboard.

Other Umbraco Cloud Portal updates

During October and November, we provided different small fixes and improvements to the Umbraco Cloud Portal. Here are some of the highlights.

  • When inviting a user to a cloud project, an Admin of an organization in Umbraco Cloud will have the opportunity to choose between all the organization's members for quick selection.

  • Display of hosting region and dedicated option on the project information page.

  • Display the dedication option on the Projects Dashboard.

  • Improve messages to users while certain deployment is taking place.

  • Ensure that breaking a reference between a baseline and a child project is always depicted in the Projects Dashboard.

  • Fix for displaying duplicate project information data when moving back from the project page to Projects Dashboard.

  • Fix for Heartcore mini project plan displayed as Starter.

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