The Frontend

This article needs to be updated.
An error in the Frontend often looks like this:
Errors in the frontend are presented in three ways:
  • YSOD: Yellow Screen of Death, .NET error page
  • Blank / not loading
  • 404 (Page not found)
A YSOD page will either show the full error stack trace or a generic error message if you have customErrors turned off. The full error message can be found in the umbracoTraceLogs. Not much more to say about this - if you can't figure out what is wrong when you have the stack trace, try looking at the namespaces to see if you can figure out what process is throwing errors.
A blank or not loading page is likely due to bad rewrite rules - often it will end in a rewrite loop. Make sure you don't rewrite anything on these paths:
  • ^/umbraco
  • ^/DependencyHandler.axd
  • ^/App_Plugins
  • You can see examples of how to set up rewrites correctly in the Rewrites on Cloud article.
You should also check your console log in your browser to see if something is failing to load. Finally, you can check the umbracoTraceLogs and see if any errors are thrown!
A 404 page could also be rewrite rules - look above what to check for. Other than that make sure your site and content structure is set up correctly - if you try to access a content node with no template related to it will throw this error!