Subscription migration information and FAQ

Soon all remaining customers will be migrated to the new subscription and billing engine on Umbraco Cloud. Below you find the most frequently asked questions about migration.

The migration of Umbraco Cloud subscriptions from to the new subscription and billing engine on Umbraco Cloud will start on September 4, 2023. The migration will be performed in batches in close collaboration with our payment provider to ensure the subscriptions are moved correctly.

The process will be handled automatically, no action is required on your end.

You can find documentation on how the new subscription and billing engine works in the Organizations documentation and Payments documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between “the old shop” and the new subscription and billing engine?

When we refer to the old shop (or old billing engine), we mean subscriptions handled on The new subscription and billing engine is integrated directly into the Umbraco Cloud portal.

Where is “the new shop”?

The new shop exists within the Umbraco Cloud portal and can be found in the organization view.

What should I be aware of when a subscription is migrated?

  • The subscription will be connected to an organization on Umbraco Cloud.

  • You will only be charged once a month and can find information about invoices and credit cards under your organization.

  • Inviting other users or non-users to your organization in the Organization is possible under the Members item.

  • Invoices in the new shop are sent directly via email and you can download invoices in your organization, under Payment History.

Will it still be possible to download the invoices from the old shop?

If you need the old invoices, please reach out to

How can I change my organization's information?

The information can be changed in your Organization under the Information item.

How can I change the name of my organization?

The name of the organization can be changed by reaching out to

How can one change the currency on their new shop profile?

Currency is based on the country that the Organization has put in. To change this reach out to

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