Confirm Dialog

Ask the user for confirmation

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This example shows how to open a confirm dialog. The UMB_CONFIRM_MODAL is a token that represents the confirm dialog. The open method takes the token and an object with the data for the confirm dialog. The onSubmit method returns a promise that resolves when the user confirms the dialog and rejects when the user cancels the dialog.

The confirm modal itself is built-in and does not need to be registered in the extension registry.

The modal token describes the options that you can pass to the modal. The confirm modal token has the following properties:

  • headline - The headline of the modal.

  • content - The content of the modal, which can be a TemplateResult or a string.

  • color - (Optional) The color of the modal. This can be positive or danger.

  • confirmLabel - (Optional) The label of the confirm button.

Basic Usage

import { html, LitElement, customElement } from "@umbraco-cms/backoffice/external/lit";
import { UmbElementMixin } from '@umbraco-cms/backoffice/element-api';
import { UMB_MODAL_MANAGER_CONTEXT, UMB_CONFIRM_MODAL } from '@umbraco-cms/backoffice/modal';

export class MyElement extends UmbElementMixin(LitElement) {
    #modalManagerContext?: typeof UMB_MODAL_MANAGER_CONTEXT.TYPE;

    constructor() {
        this.consumeContext(UMB_MODAL_MANAGER_CONTEXT, (instance) => {
            this.#modalManagerContext = instance;

    #onRequestDisable() {
        const modalContext = this.#modalManagerContext?.open(
            this, UMB_CONFIRM_MODAL,
                data: {
                    headline: `${this.localize.term("actions_disable")}`,
                    content: `${this.localize.term(
                    color: "danger",
                    confirmLabel: "Disable",
            .then(() => {
                console.log("User has approved");
            .catch(() => {
                console.log("User has rejected");

    render() {
        return html`<uui-button

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