Explanation of how to configure models builder

The following configuration option can be set in the application settings (in the appsettings.json file):

  • Umbraco.CMS.ModelsBuilder.ModelsMode determines how Models Builder generates models. Valid values are:

    • Nothing: Do not generate models.

    • InMemoryAuto(default): Generate models in a dynamic in-memory assembly.

    • SourceCodeManual: Generate models in ~/umbraco/models (but do not compile them) whenever the user clicks the "Generate models" button on the Models Builder dashboard in the Settings section.

    • SourceCodeAuto: Generate models in ~/umbraco/models (but do not compile them) anytime a content type changes.

  • Umbraco.CMS.ModelsBuilder.ModelsNamespace (string, default is Umbraco.Cms.Web.Common.PublishedModels) specifies the generated models' namespace.

  • Umbraco.CMS.ModelsBuilder.FlagOutOfDateModels (bool, default is true) indicates whether out-of-date models (for example after a content type or Data Type has been modified) should be flagged.

  • Umbraco.CMS.ModelsBuilder.ModelsDirectory (string, default is ~/umbraco/models) indicates where to generate models and manage all files. Has to be a virtual directory (starting with ~/) below the website root (see also: AcceptUnsafeModelsDirectory below).

  • Umbraco.CMS.ModelsBuilder.AcceptUnsafeModelsDirectory (bool, default is false) indicates that the directory indicated in ModelsDirectory is allowed to be outside the website root (e.g. ~/../../some/place). Due to this being a potential security risk, it is not allowed by default.

  • Umbraco.CMS.ModelsBuilder.DebugLevel (int, default is zero) indicates the debug level. Set to greater than zero to enable detailed logging. For internal / development use.

Example Configuration

The example below shows an example configuration using the SourceCodeManual mode.

  "$schema": "",
  "Umbraco": {
    "CMS": {
      "ModelsBuilder": {
        "ModelsMode": "SourceCodeManual"

It is recommended to generate models in your development environment only and change the ModelsMode to Nothing for your staging and production environments.

Models Builder Dashboard

Models Builder ships with a dashboard in the Settings section of Umbraco's backoffice. The dashboard does three things:

  • Details on how Models Builder is configured

  • Provides a way to generate models (in SourceCodeManual mode only)

  • Reports the last error (if any) that would have prevented models from being properly generated

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