Working with Folders

All media within your site must be loaded in the Media section. The Media section is a media library for the site. Within the Media section, you can create or organize files and folders as in a File Explorer.

Folders help organize the Media section and keep similar media items in a logical structure. We recommend using folders to organize your media items. When your media library starts growing, folders help in locating media quickly and easily.

Creating a Folder

To create a folder:

  1. Go to the Media section.

  2. Click on ••• where you want to create the folder and select Folder.

    Create Folder
  3. Enter a Name for your folder and click Save.

Folders are only used for sorting media items within the media section. Folders will not be part of the image URL nor be created on the server with the given name.

Editing a Folder

To edit an existing folder:

  1. Select the folder you want to edit from the Media tree.

  2. Edit the title at the top of the page.

  3. Click Create to add another media type or drag and drop your files into the Upload field.

    Edit Folder
  4. Click Save.

Deleting a Folder

If you wish to tidy up the Media section of your site, you can delete existing folders. Once you have deleted a folder, it is sent to the Recycle Bin. If you change your mind, you can restore the deleted folder from the Recycle Bin.

To delete a folder:

  1. Select the folder you want to delete.

  2. Right-click the folder, and select Delete.

    Delete Folder
  3. Click OK.

The contents of the folder are also moved to the Recycle Bin. You can restore items from the Recycle Bin in the same way as in the Content section.

Restoring a Folder from the Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin is a separate tree structure within the Media tree. Clicking on the arrow next to the Recycle Bin will display its contents.

Recycle Bin

To restore a Folder:

  1. Click ••• next to the Folder or right-click the Folder you want to restore.

  2. Select Restore.

    Restore Folder
  3. Click Restore.

Moving a Folder from the Recycle Bin

To move Folders within the Media section:

  1. Click ••• next to the folder or right-click the folder you want to move.

  2. Select Move.

    Move Folder
  3. Choose the location where you want to move the folder to in the tree structure.

    Move Media.png
  4. Click Move.

  5. Click OK to dismiss the confirmation message.

Sorting the Contents of a Folder

Media items in Umbraco are sorted in the tree view according to a predefined sort order. The item that has been created most recently is placed at the bottom of the tree structure.

To sort the order of the items in a folder:

  1. Right-click the folder you want to sort.

  2. Select Sort.

    Sort Folder
  3. Drag the folders, images and files into the required order. Alternatively, click on the Name or Creation Date column header to sort the items in ascending or descending order. Clicking on a column header again reverses the sort order.

    Sort Items
  4. Click Save.

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