Examine settings

Information on the Examine settings section
Since the majority of Examine configuration takes place in code, this section is quite small containing only one setting to change, LuceneDirectoryFactory, this setting allows you to change the behaviour of the ExamineIndexes directory.
This section has a default value, and does not need to be configured, configuring Examine might look something like this:
"Umbraco": {
"CMS": {
"Examine": {
"LuceneDirectoryFactory": "Default"
This is how Examine is configured by default. There is three different types of Lucene directory factories:
  • Default - The index will operate from the default location: umbraco/Data/TEMP/ExamineIndexes
  • SyncedTempFileSystemDirectoryFactory - The index will operate on a local index created in the processes %temp% location and will replicate back to main storage in umbraco/Data/TEMP/ExamineIndexes
  • TempFileSystemDirectoryFactory - The index will operate only in the processes %temp% directory location