Add Open Graph - Step 3

Next step is to get the Open Graph code rendered on the website. This is done in the head section of the HTML, so you need to find the template for this.

In the Starter Kit the head is placed in the Master Template, which is responsible for wrapping all the other templates.

Because you've added the Open Graph feature as a composition you can check if the composition is present on the current page and then render meta tags.

  1. Go to the Settings section and expand the Template tree.

  2. Select the Master template

  3. Find the <head> HTML tags at the top of the Template

  4. Write the following before the closing </head> tag:

 @if(Model is IOpenGraph){

This will render a partial view if the composition is present on the current page. Currently that is the case for Home and Blog posts on the site.

IOpenGraph is an interface created by adding the composition. When you know how that works you can see how powerful it can be. If not, enjoy the handy helper to check for the composition.

At the end, the head should look like this:


        @if(Model is IOpenGraph){

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