Examine Manager

Accessing the singleton can be done by using dependency injection.
In a class you can inject the IExamineManager interface:
using Examine;
namespace MyCustomUmbracoSolution
public class MyClass
private readonly IExamineManager _examineManager;
public MyClass(IExamineManager examineManager)
_examineManager = examineManager;
In a view the IExamineManager can be injected as well:
@inject IExamineManager ExamineManager;
This returns an active instance of the ExamineManager which exposes operations such as:
  • Default index & search providers
  • Full collection of index & search providers
  • All indexing and searching methods


Important to note that the Search methods on the ExamineManager will call the Search methods of the default search provider specified in config. If you want to search using a specified provider, you can retrieve it from the SearchProviderCollection (see example below).
You can access any of the searchers by their name, for example:
var canGetSearcher = _examineManager.TryGetSearcher("ExternalSearcher", out var searcher);
For searching the method to use is:
ISearchResults Search(string searchText);
An example using this method is below:
@inherits UmbracoViewPage
@using Examine
@inject IExamineManager ExamineManager
var query = Context.Request.Query["query"];
var canGetSearcher = ExamineManager.TryGetSearcher("ExternalSearcher", out var searcher);
if (canGetSearcher)
var searchResults = searcher.Search(query.ToString());
@foreach (var result in searchResults)
if (result.Id != null)
var node = Umbraco.Content(result.Id);
<a href="@node.Url()">@node.Name</a>


When you wanna populate an index, you will need to use the IExamineManager and get the specific index. The build-in index names are all available as constants from the Umbraco.Cms.Core.Constants.UmbracoIndexes namespace
if (_examineManager.TryGetIndex(Umbraco.Cms.Core.Constants.UmbracoIndexes.ExternalIndexName, out IIndex index))
// Use index here
The indexing methods available on a single index are:
void DeleteFromIndex(IEnumerable<string> itemIds);
void DeleteFromIndex(this IIndex index, string itemId);
void IndexExists();
void IndexItems(IEnumerable<ValueSet> values);