Add a Blog Post Publication Date

In Part One we added a new property to the Blogpost Document Type. Now in Part Two, we're going to display that instead of the default creation date.

Steps - Part Two

  1. Find the blog posts on the Blog in the Content section.

  2. Add publication dates to the blog posts.

    • Remember to publish your changes!

    • As this field is flagged as Mandatory you now can't save a post without it.

  3. Go to the Settings section

  4. Expand Templates, and Master, then click on Blogpost.

    • This is the template that is rendering the full page view of a blog post

  5. Find the element with the blogpost-date class and change it to use a nicely formatted Publication Date, i.e.:

    <small class="blogpost-date">@Model.PublicationDate.ToLongDateString()</small>
  6. Save the Template - a confirmation message should appear confirming that the Template was saved.

  7. View the blog post page in the browser (find the page in the Content tree, then select the link on the Info tab).

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