Multi Url Picker

Alias: Umbraco.MultiUrlPicker
Returns: IEnumerable<Link> or Link
Multi Url Picker allows an editor to pick and sort multiple urls. This property editor returns a single item if the "Maximum number of items" Data Type setting is set to 1 or a collection if it is 0. These can either be internal, external or media.

Data Type Definition Example

Related Links Data Type Definition

Content Example

Media Picker Content

MVC View Example - value converters enabled


@using Umbraco.Cms.Core.Models
var links = Model.Value<IEnumerable<Link>>("footerLinks");
if (links.Any())
@foreach (var link in links)
<li><a href="@link.Url" target="@link.Target">@link.Name</a></li>
If Max number of items is configured to 1
@using Umbraco.Cms.Core.Models
var link = Model.Value<Link>("link");
if (link != null)
<a href="@link.Url" target="@link.Target">@link.Name</a>

Add values programmatically

See the example below to see how a value can be added or changed programmatically. To update a value of a property editor you need the Content Service.
@using Umbraco.Cms.Core;
@using Umbraco.Cms.Core.Services;
@using Newtonsoft.Json;
@using Umbraco.Cms.Core.Models;
@inject IContentService Services;
// Get access to ContentService
var contentService = Services;
// Create a variable for the GUID of the page you want to update
var guid = Guid.Parse("32e60db4-1283-4caa-9645-f2153f9888ef");
// Get the page using the GUID you've defined
var content = contentService.GetById(guid); // ID of your page
// Get the media you want to assign to the footer links property
var media = Umbraco.Media("bca8d5fa-de0a-4f2b-9520-02118d8329a8");
// Create an Udi of the media
var mediaUdi = Udi.Create(Constants.UdiEntityType.Media, media.Key);
// Get the content you want to assign to the footer links property
var contentPage = Umbraco.Content("665d7368-e43e-4a83-b1d4-43853860dc45");
// Create an Udi of the Content
var contentPageUdi = Udi.Create(Constants.UdiEntityType.Document, contentPage.Key);
// Create a list with different link types
var externalLink = new List<Link>
// External Link
new Link
Target = "_blank",
Name = "Our Umbraco",
Url = "",
Type = LinkType.External
// Media
new Link
Target = "_self",
Name = media.Name,
Url = media.MediaUrl(),
Type = LinkType.Media,
Udi = mediaUdi
// Content
new Link
Target = "_self",
Name = contentPage.Name,
Url = contentPage.Url(),
Type = LinkType.Content,
Udi = contentPageUdi
// Serialize the list with links to JSON
var links = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(externalLink);
// Set the value of the property with alias 'footerLinks'.
content.SetValue("footerLinks", links);
// Save the change
Although the use of a GUID is preferable, you can also use the numeric ID to get the page:
// Get the page using it's id
var content = contentService.GetById(1234);
If Modelsbuilder is enabled you can get the alias of the desired property without using a magic string:
@using Umbraco.Cms.Core.PublishedCache;
@inject IPublishedSnapshotAccessor _publishedSnapshotAccessor;
// Set the value of the property with alias 'footerLinks'
content.SetValue(Home.GetModelPropertyType(_publishedSnapshotAccessor, x => x.FooterLinks).Alias, links);