Entity Bulk Actions

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Entity Bulk Action: Relates to an entity type: document, media, etc. Performs the action on a selection of items.

Registering an Entity Bulk Action

import { extensionRegistry } from '@umbraco-cms/extension-registry';
import { MyEntityBulkAction } from './entity-bulk-action';

const manifest = {
 type: 'entityBulkAction',
 alias: 'My.EntityBulkAction',
 name: 'My Entity Bulk Action',
 weight: 10,
 api: MyEntityBulkAction,
 meta: {
  icon: 'icon-add',
  label: 'My Entity Bulk Action',
  repositoryAlias: 'My.Repository',
 conditions: [
   alias: 'Umb.Condition.CollectionAlias',
   match: 'my-collection-alias',


The Entity Bulk Action Class

As part of the Extension Manifest you can attach a class that will be instantiated as part of the action. It will have access to the host element, a repository with the given alias and the unique (key etc) of the entity. When the action is clicked the execute method on the api class will be run. When the action is completed, an event on the host element will be dispatched to notify any surrounding elements.

import { UmbEntityBulkActionBase } from '@umbraco-cms/entity-action';
import { UmbControllerHostElement } from '@umbraco-cms/controller';
import { MyRepository } from './my-repository';

export class MyEntityBulkAction extends UmbEntityBulkActionBase<MyRepository> {
 constructor(host: UmbControllerHostElement, repositoryAlias: string, selection: Array<string>) {
  super(host, repositoryAlias, selection);

 async execute() {
  await this.repository?.myBulkAction(this.selection);

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