Dashboards provides a space for information, placed at the entrance of a Section

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The dashboard area of Umbraco is used to display information for a Section. Notice that Section Views is another similar approach to append information to the root of a Section. Section views are thought mainly used as Secondary pages. These two approaches should ideally not be combined.

You can try and create a custom dashboard as a way on getting started on this topic.

Dashboard registration

This section dives into the Dashboard Extension Manifest, shows how to register one, and append additional details.

Example Extension Manifest

Insert this as an entry of extensions in your Umbraco-package.json or register it via JavaScript.

 "type": "dashboard",
 "alias": "my.welcome.dashboard",
 "name": "My Welcome Dashboard",
 "element": "/App_Plugins/WelcomeDashboard/dashboard.js",
 "elementName": "my-welcome-dashboard",
 "weight": -1,
 "meta": {
  "label": "Welcome Dashboard",
  "pathname": "welcome-dashboard"
 "conditions": [
   "alias": "Umb.Condition.SectionAlias",
   "match": "Umb.Section.Content"

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