Workspace Actions

This page is a work in progress. It will be updated as the software evolves.

Workspace actions are a set of functionalities or operations that can be performed within a workspace. These actions involve creating documents within the workspace, organizing and categorizing documents, publishing content and so on.

Workspace action relates to a workspace alias (Umb.Workspace.Document) and has Access to the workspace context.

JavaScript Manifest example

import { extensionRegistry } from '@umbraco-cms/extension-registry';
import { MyWorkspaceAction } from './my-workspace-action';

const manifest = {
	type: 'workspaceAction',
	alias: 'My.WorkspaceAction',
	name: 'My Workspace Action',
	meta: {
		label: 'My Action',
		api: MyWorkspaceAction,
	conditions: [
			alias: 'Umb.Condition.WorkspaceAlias',
			match: 'My.Workspace',


The Workspace Action Class

As part of the Extension Manifest you can attach a class that will be instantiated as part of the action. It will have access to the host element and the Workspace Context. When the action is clicked the execute method on the API class will be run. When the action is completed, an event on the host element will be dispatched to notify any surrounding elements.

import { UmbWorkspaceActionBase } from '@umbraco-cms/backoffice/workspace';

export class MyWorkspaceAction extends UmbWorkspaceActionBase {
	execute() {

Default Element

// TODO: get interface
interface UmbWorkspaceActionElement {}

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